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Books by Dr Patricia Yoder

The Five Major Stressors to Your Body: Chemicals, Metals, Food, Immune Challenges and Scars 


Over the years we have tested numerous patients and have found chemicals, heavy metals and other harmful toxins in their bodies. Part of the report of findings is researching where the patient is being exposed to the toxins and how they can avoid them. Researching the source of toxins is an arduous task and this book will save practitioners and their patients hours of time. This book is an effective tool for chiropractors, alternative medicine practitioners, nutrition response testers and anyone who wishes to discover the root cause of their health problems and how they are being exposed to them.

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Thinking Outside the Box - A Chiropractors View To Alternative Healthcare

My theory on health and health-related issues is that it's important to look within. Don't be afraid to overcome whatever is holding you back. I grew up in a state of fear. I was afraid of so many things. As I got older, I realized that this was not the way I wanted to live anymore. That propelled me to overcome my own fears and do whatever it took to overcome them. My goal and passion is to help my patients get well, be happier and overcome whatever is holding them back from living to their fullest potential. That is my promise to you. - Patricia Yoder

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